We are a Multi-Cultural wedding boutique photography studio based out of Atlanta, GA.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. We take pride in documenting all of the special moments that you experience during your engagement and wedding day.

Our goal is to provide high end quality photography services to capture your love story, which is a once in a lifetime experience!  

We strive to create a relationship with our clients based on trust and quality service. In order to maintain a close relationship with our clients throughout the wedding planning process, we only accept a limited amount of weddings per year.

 We would love to hear all about the plans for your big day!



10 Facts About Kam

  1. I love Music, all genres! I may sing you a song during your engagement session so beware!
  2. Pasta is so yummy and Pop Rocks (i know...i know)
  3. I'm originally from Connecticut, but have lived in Atlanta.....forever!
  4. Traveling is the best, GO EVERYWHERE!
  5. I love to laugh and have fun, but when i am working, i am EXTREMELY focused!
  6. Ok, I kinda lied...If you play 90s Hip Hop at your wedding, it will be hard for me to focus as I will be dancing like an idiot in the corner while taking pics LOL
  7. I'm a sap when watching sentimental movies, TV shows and your wedding slideshows....i cry every single time! 
  8. I love to be creative and if I could do another job, I would decorate homes.
  9. I absolutely LOVE Las Vegas....yessss (old lady hogging two slot machines will be me).
  10. I adore LOVE and I'm honored every time I get the opportunity to capture another Love Story in someone's life.


Our Mission Statement:

For all of the smiles and laughter, tears of joy, great accomplishments, stolen glances and all of the other incredibly special moments that make your day unique and everlasting, we are here to capture those moments that will last in your hearts and minds forever!