A Magical Mehndi

March 29, 2014

What an amazing time we had covering this two-day celebration with this wonderful couple along with their family and friends! Karim and Nasira, were absolutely the most calm bride and groom I have ever encountered! We started off at the Groom's ROCKIN' bachelor's pad in downtown Atlanta! The views were absolutely amazing, we wanted to move in! He rocked his confidant demeanor very well as we snapped some awesome photos of him on the balcony of his dynamite digs! Soon after, we headed to the couple's Mendhi in Duluth, Georgia to capture the beautiful colors, decor and most of all the entertaining performances of the evening for the bride and groom!  We couldn't help ourselves, we had to dance in the corner, the music takes over! We will post more photos coming soon, so check back in!

A Marvelous MendhiFarjana and Saleh