Memories of a Maharani

March 30, 2014

Well, its day two of this amazing wedding celebration for Karim and Nasira. The bride and groom looked sensational in their traditional wedding attire, and the wedding decor provided by the amazing Events InStyle by Beenish were surely impressive! They chose the traditional color of red for their wedding reception along with the radiant color of gold. But, by far the most impressive addition to this lovely evening was the 10 tier wedding cake which by far is the most exquisite cake I have ever seen thus far! I think i must have taken 20 pictures of the cake....yeah I may have taken it too far! The couple celebrated their special day with family and friends and we believe that they will definitely celebrate a happy and prosperous life together! Wishing them the very best!

Memories of a MaharaniKarim and Nasira It's Wedding Time!Karim & Nasira