Feeling "Peachy Keen"

May 25, 2014

We started off the summer with this stylish wedding set in the beautiful town of Peachtree City.  Better known as "Golf Cart Land", we arrived at the Flat Creek Country Club which provides endless views of their breathtaking golf course, cobblestone walkways and a beautiful alter overlooking the hillsides at this amazing venue. I was thrilled with the color scheme of Michelle and Will's wedding which included soft peach, coral, chocolate and gold....it was absolutely gorgeous! The bride's shoes were one of my all time favorites which paid the ultimate tribute to "something blue"! We even had the pleasure of seeing some special invited guests such as Thomas Mikal Ford (better known as "Tommy") from the hit TV sitcom "Martin" as well as superstar newscaster Monica Pearson! It was an exciting day, and we wish the couple an exciting and happy life together!

Feeling "Peachy Keen"Michelle and Will